Whole World Team

Executive Chef Jay Christopher Burk Photo Executive Chef Jay Christopher Burk

Executive Chef Jay Christopher Burk

Chef Jay is a master of creative flavor combinations that, as he likes to say, will 'punch you in the mouth (but in a lovely, nice sort of way that you will enjoy).' His passion for his trade shines through dish after dish, meal after meal. Professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College in Seattle and finishing at the top of his class, Chef Jay can beautifully create any type or style of cuisine. Greek, Italian, French, Malaysian, Indonesian, you name it: he can make it. Yet it is obvious that his true heart lies in the flavors and dishes from South East Asia...which makes sense when you consider that is where he found his lovely wife, Kagna Lieng Burk...(and without further ado...)

Sous Kagna Lieng Burk Photo Sous Kagna Lieng Burk

Sous Kagna Lieng Burk

There aren't enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe the pure wonderfulness that is Kagna. She comes to us from the heart of Cambodia - a true student of family style South East Asian cuisine that she learned in the kitchen of her own home. She teaches us, she guides us, she holds us together: her gentle ways, her firm determination to succeed, and her ninja-like skills in the kitchen are the crux of the spirit of Whole World Catering.

Stefana Welker Photo Stefana Welker

Stefana Welker

She likes to keep it simple, but has been known to have a flare for extravagance when the occasion calls for it. Owner and Event Visionary Stefana Welker has had a dream of having her own catering company for as long as she can remember. Throwing parties, holding events, planning menus, decor, and bringing those plans to fruition are just a few of her favorite things to do. Coming from a large family, and by creating an equally large social network of friends and colleagues, she has had many opportunities to create special events for large numbers of people, and has loved every moment of doing so. It is her belief that food created lovingly, thoughtfully, and with tender, precious care will be the best tasting food to compliment any event, party, celebration, lunch, breakfast or dinner. You can bet that your event will be no different: this 'work' is more than just her passion: Whole World Catering is the embodiment of her dreams come true.