Green World

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To create a dish that is sublimely delicious, a chef must first carefully and thoughtfully choose the ingredients to be prepared. Throughout our daily discourse of washing the leaves and stalks of carrots, celery, rutabagas or beets, rinsing and drying the smooth shiny skin of the tomato — or the soft one of a peach — peeling potatoes, coring apples, taking the zest from the miracle that is the orange (lemon or lime), or dabbing the earth off of freshly foraged mushrooms , we find ourselves thinking more and more about where this bounty sprouted from. We believe in the powerful energy that exists between earth and animal and human and so we do all we can to protect that energy and in keeping the World as Whole as possible.

Food tastes the best and is the best for our bodies when it is fresh. Food is the most fresh when it is in season. So it just makes simple sense to keep our menu as fresh and seasonal as possible while still accommodating your culinary vision to make any event harmoniously perfect!

We have made it our commitment to provide exquisite cuisine for your event with food that is fresh from the earth and good for the earth.

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